Inbroke Limited is an independent wholesale insurance broker making insurance placements on behalf of retail brokers and agents. In this regard we are able to provide technical expertise and global market knowledge. Inbroke Limited places insurance business across all Fire and General classes and has utilised the Lloyd´s insurance market for over 25 years.

Inbroke Limited is completely focused on securing your clients insurance placement for you. With our global network of contacts and specialist insurers across Australasia and Europe, we can help you place any type of risk.


Inbroke Limited has a subsidiary business, insuredirect, which is an underwriting agency for motor vehicle insurance. We can cover any standard driver or vehicle, however our niche area of motor insurance is "hard to place" risks. We are able to insure drivers with adverse driving histories including criminal and traffic convictions, young drivers and drivers with Learners or Restricted Licences. We can also insure modified vehicles. We have underwritten motor vehicle insurance for over 15 years.

Our underwriter is Tower New Zealand whose AM Best Financial Strength rating is A- at 27th July 2012.